Are We All Creative ?

Posted in: Creativity, Science | (Français) le25 September 2011

The answer to this question depends on how we understand the word “creative.” If we are born creative, do we remain creative throughout our life? If this is the case, then we don’t have to force ourselves to be creative. Even if we close our eyes and stop thinking for a minute, we are still being creative!


All life forms on Earth are considered creative. Nature, itself, is creative. Take a closer look at the beauty of the flowers created specifically to attract insects for pollination. Try to capture the infinite diversity of insects, plants and animals. All these species have different physical, physiological and behavioral characteristics specifically created for their adaptation and survival. Even bacteria and viruses have the ability to change themselves rapidly and adapt to their new environments. Can we say these species are not creative?


Our body is creative. Millions of cells are being produced everyday to replace old ones. Our body is always producing enzymes to digest all the food we consume each day and triggering cascades of biochemical reactions. All these life-processing systems are operating day and night at the molecular level to keep our biological systems running. In this context, we are all creative, even when we close our eyes and stop thinking.


When we think, we produce thoughts. Thoughts are products of the mind’s creation. If thoughts are produced from nothing but imagination, they should be considered creative. However, not all thoughts are considered creative. The word “creative” has a deeper meaning when it comes to thoughts.


To produce creative thoughts and ideas, we have to think differently; we have to look at things from different angles or produce beauty that has value. All these mental activities require at least some thinking.  If there is no thinking, there are no creative thoughts. In that sense we cannot simply close our eyes, stop thinking, and be creative.

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