TEDx: Creativity and Success

Posted in: Creativity | (Français) le20 June 2012

I recently gave a talk on creativity at the TEDx Westmount event in Montreal. You can watch the talk by clicking on this short 10-minute video.



Right after the talk, people would stop me and say: “You are so passionate about your creative projects and you have so much energy.” I would explain that I cannot hide my passion for the creative process.


Later during the day, I was having lunch with a group of people at the same event. At one point, they were having an animated discussion and I was listening passively, somewhat lost in my thoughts, while trying to finish my salad.


The lady by my side whispered to my ears: “I can see how easily you can get bored.” I just smiled without saying a word. I was not bored. I was just being calm and thoughtful. She was probably expecting me to be as energetic as I was on stage and throw some creative insights into the discussion.


If you are creative, energetic and dynamic; you can also be calm, silent and serene. We all need a certain balance in our lives. Both the dynamism as well as the calmness are important aspects of the creative process.


Have you ever tried making a fire by rubbing two stones? Stones by themselves don’t ignite sparks, they are cold and hard. However, once rubbed, they turn hot and create sparks.


Therefore, it’s absolutely fine to be silent and passive like a stone sometimes, though you can be fully passionate and creative at other times. It’s all part of the creative process.


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