The Creative Genius of Steve Jobs

Posted in: Creativity | (Français) le4 April 2012

In this 15-minute video, Steve Jobs teaches us three life-changing lessons. Any entrepreneur eager to drive the world with their creative ingenuity must listen to this talk. Steve Jobs was, without a doubt, a creative genius.



His 2005 speech to Stanford graduates reveals an important aspect of his creative approach, which he describes as “connecting the dots.” He recalls his school years as a college dropout who would spend time learning calligraphy. He was well aware that calligraphy might never have any practical application in his life; however, ten years later, his knowledge of calligraphy turned out to be instrumental in designing unique Macintosh typography.


Steve Jobs was able to “connect the dots” by making a link between calligraphy and computer typography design. The beauty of his mind lay in his ability to make connections between elements that, at first sight, would seem to have nothing in common.


For Jobs, calligraphic art was “beautiful, historical and artistically subtle in a way that science couldn’t capture.” This beauty was a source of inspiration for him to reinvent computers. He did it so well that today all Apple gadgets look like art pieces.


This example from Steve Jobs’ creative career beautifully demonstrates the analogical thinking concept. It’s a thinking process wherein the brain is always looking for patterns and similarities outside one’s field of expertise. Once the brain detects an interesting pattern or a similarity, the latter is applied to an existing product to create a novel design or a unique service that nobody has thought of yet.


Therefore, spending time making connections between elements that have nothing in common is not really a waste of time. On the contrary, it can lead to your next creative insight.


Image Credit: Jonathan Mak

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  • Remo says:

    That’s really thinking at a high level

  • Lille` Mc Ghee-Queen says:

    An Awesome Speech! Emotionally intoxicating! Creatively relevant to folks in all walks of life. Thanks Steve!