Posted in: Education | (Français) le28 August 2020


Our educational system has always valued the importance of STEM education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is important because it drives the world. STEM professionals are needed to develop new vaccines, fight climate change, achieve clean energy, build sustainable infrastructure or advance space exploration.


STEM educators now believe they have been missing a crucial element – the Arts. STEM fields of study are primarily focused on logical, analytical and sequential thinking. This thought process is the basis of STEM. However, by incorporating artistic thinking into STEM education, we bring a new thought process that opens up possibilities.


Artistic thinking enables a more critical, holistic and intuitive approach that encourages dialogue, challenges status quo and brings bring positive changes. Art fills the void that exist in STEM education and connect the different disciplines together to make them even stronger and more relevant in today’s multidisciplinary world.


That’s why educators and professionals are are no longer talking about STEM, but STEAM. The A stands for Arts.


I’m thrilled to see how this shift in educational focus will change our world.


Welcome to the new world!


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