How to Stimulate Creativity and Innovation at Work


Creativity is a very important asset for business executives and professionals who want to stand out of the crowd. In an economy driven by technology and change, business professionals, including lawyers, will have to be increasingly creative in the way they do business.


This workshop will teach us how to stimulate creativity at work.




At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Use the creative thinking process and apply its technique at work;
  • Learn how and where to look for creative ideas;
  • Stimulate the creative mindset needed to unleash creativity;
  • Train the brain how to think creatively through a series of exercises.




This workshop covers the following topics:

  • The importance of creativity and innovation at work;
  • How creative people think;
  • Demystifying and understanding the creative thinking process;
  • Developing the right hemisphere of your brain responsible for creative thinking;
  • Using analogical thinking to look for creative solutions;
  • Stimulating inter-hemispheric cross-talks to validate novel ideas;
  • Changing your perception and seeing things differently through artistic thinking.




This interactive and dynamic workshop lasts six hours, with practical exercises, group discussions and analysis of creative ideas in the juridical and business context.



PRICE: $ 315 CAD
DATE: Friday 8 March 2013 (French)
DURATION: 6 h (Accredited by the Québec Bar)
VENUE: Hotel Clarendon, Quebec (57, Rue Ste-Anne, Vieux-Quebec)
PARTICIPATION: Minimun of 10 ー Maximum of 20

REGISTRATION: 514 484 8076  or 514 797 5278 or


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