Legal Art Creativity Workshop


We Pioneered a Unique Creativity Training Concept


Have you ever been to an art gallery and wished the paintings could talk to you and explain their meanings? Have you ever analyzed the thoughts passing through your mind while contemplating a piece of art? Do You process these thoughts and impressions with an artistic mind or an analytical mind?


Merge your Analytic and Artistic Thinking


You can learn how to contemplate art while merging both analytical and artistic thinking. Once you have mastered this technique, it can be applied at work to stimulate your creativity. Through Legal Art paintings you will understand how both sides of your brain can creatively participate in your thinking process.


Legal Art Gallery Comes to Your Office


You don’t need to go to an art gallery to develop your creative perception, you simply have to invite the Legal Art Gallery to your office. Our workshop is not only designed for law firms, but any business corporation looking to boost creativity at work. We pioneered a unique training concept that brings the Legal Art Gallery to your office and transforms your corporate space into a stimulating learning environment.


Demystify the Creative Process


During this workshop, aesthetically displayed Legal Art paintings are used as training tools to explore and demystify the creative process. You will understand how and where to direct your thoughts while your brain scans for creative insights. Through Legal Art paintings, we demonstrate how you can merge analytical left-brain thoughts with creative right-brain thoughts to stimulate creativity at work.


Thought Provoking and Unique


The Legal Art Gallery Creativity Workshop is thought-provoking and unique. While blending both analytic and artistic thinking, we open the mind to explore new creative frontiers. The duration of our workshop sessions vary from half a day to a full day. We also tailor our workshops to suit the specific needs of your organization.


After this workshop you will never think the same way again. Please contact us to schedule your creativity workshop.