Creativity Coaching from a Certified Coach


San Persand is a certified coach specialized in creativity coaching. He helps professionals enhance their creative state of mind at work. As a scientific inventor and an innovator in the legal and artistic fields, he has mastered a broad range of skills and techniques used for creativity stimulation.


Reconnecting Creativity Circuits™


Through his Reconnecting Creativity Circuits™ coaching technique, he can help rewire brain circuits that favor the creative state of mind in order to stimulate creativity.


Whether we are striving for creativity or innovation, we have to nurture the same creative state of mind. By working on our state mind, we can train our brain to think differently and produce creative and innovative thoughts.


Balancing our Cerebral Hemispheres


The aim of creativity coaching is not only to enhance our creative capacity. By working on the connection and the flow of thoughts between our analytical left brain and our creative right brain, we can ultimately reach a balance between our two cerebral hemispheres. This cerebral balance, besides stimulating creativity, also creates a state of well-being necessary for optimum performance.


We offer both individual and group coaching sessions. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book a session.