Legal Case Portrait™


Winning a Legal Case


Lawyers know the tremendous amount of work involved in a legal case, whether they win or lose. Winning an important case with a great impact on society is worth celebrating.


Law firms and their associates take great pride in the cases they successfully defend. The Legal Case Portrait™ is an opportunity to transform your greatest legal achievements into unique pieces of art. Through Legal Art, we can transform the juridical concepts of a legal case into an amazing acrylic on canvas painting.


Display Your Greatest Legal Achievement in a Unique Way


Through Legal Case Portraits™, lawyers can display their greatest legal achievements in a creative and inspiring fashion that captures both beauty and meaning on a canvas. We all agree that art can be beautiful; however, a meaningful piece of art that is thought-provoking and inspiring transcends simple beauty.


A Legal Case Portrait™ does not only add beauty to a corporate workspace, it also helps create a strategic business atmosphere where clients feel secure. It can also be a valuable art piece in a personal or corporate collection or even serve as an important asset in an investment portfolio.


Legal and Artistic Skills Combined to Reinvent Art


Creating a Legal Case Portrait™ requires both legal and artistic skills. As a jurist, I always have to analyze the legal issues of a case before expressing anything on canvas. Through this process, even the most challenging legal cases can be transformed into unique acrylic on canvas paintings.


Carill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball and Brown v. Board of Education are landmark cases transformed into unique acrylic on canvas paintings. Our artwork is not limited to legal cases; we also create acrylic paintings from legal concepts like Obiter Dicta and Actus Reus/Mens Rea. We invite you to visit our Legal Art Gallery to see what we have to offer.


We do not produce paintings for the legal community only. In any domain there are legal elements, be it accounting, environmental or medical. We produce legal artwork that encompasses any professional field.


Being Unique in the World


Each of our commissioned Legal Case Portraits™ automatically appears in our unique coffee-table book: Discover Law Through Art. This book provides the opportunity for the world to discover interesting legal cases through art. Being the only coffee-table book on the market relating law to art, this book adds value to each Legal Case Portrait™ and the juridical work accomplished.


We are unique in the world and we can create something unique for you. Please contact us to discuss any project you have in mind.