How to be More Creative at Work


We all want to be more creative and innovative at work. We all know how important it is to think differently, whether to outsmart competitors, tackle problems efficiently, bring innovation that adds value, or create new products and services to satisfy customers. However, what we don`t know is the mental state needed to think differently and stimulate creativity.


Unravel the Creative Process


To think creatively, first we have to unravel the creative process. We have to understand the neurobiology behind the creative state of mind. Once we understand this process, we can train our brain to adopt a creative state of mind.


Nurture a Creative State of Mind


Using examples from my own experience, as well as others, we explore how creative and innovative ideas break through the surface. You will learn how to nurture a creative state of mind that can be applied to any discipline whether it`s art, science, business or law.


Realize Your Brain`s Creative Potential


At the end of this dynamic and stimulating session, you will realize the creative potential of your brain and how it can be used to spark creative thoughts.


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